Shoeboxes For Syria

On the 25th April 2015, the At-Taqwa Children and Youth were busy making shoebox parcels to be sent to children in Syria in time for Eid 2015.

The children and youth of the masjid have been helping fill a shoebox full of toys, letters and fun items for the children in Syria, to be given as a gift this Eid inshaAllah. They will continue to make and collect any shoeboxes that the community wish to contribute to this wonderful cause. The last date of collection prior to shipment was Saturday 9th May. Alhumdulillah the presents were sent a couple of weeks later and inshaAllah will reach the children and give them something to celebrate and enjoy on Eid.

The idea and vision of this project was set up by a group of volunteers who initiated this project for the purpose of bringing happiness and joy to the suffering endured by the children of Syria. Full details of the project can be access at their website

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