Over 165k Pledged For Syria On A Historic Blessed Day

On the 28th of July, Masjid At-Taqwa hosted an Ifthaar event in conjunction with Tayyibun Institute and Human Appeal International.
The event broke new ground for Masjid At-Taqwa as it attracted its biggest ever audience of over a thousand brothers, sisters and families. This bought into service the Masjid owned warehouse, being used to capacity for the first time, seating more than 700 people alone. 
Another first was a live video stream of the event across all Masjid locations and a live broadcast onto the Internet.
Fundraising for Syria saw brothers and sisters fill buckets with cash, sisters donating gold and jewellery and a staggering £165K, the highest the Masjid has ever raised, pledged in donations for Syrian refugees.
After such a blessed evening of short motivational talks, reminders of Ramadhaan, Quraan recitation and fund-raising, the event concluded with over a thousand people opening their fast in unison, before tucking into a prepared dinner.
Feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting amongst other traits the sincerity and commitment of those involved and a beautiful, Imaan boosting atmosphere.
May Allah accept from all those involved and by His mercy allow the Masjid to hold similar events in the future.

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