Madrasa Children Conquer Mount Snowdon

During the half term holidays of May 2013, many of the children and youth of Masjid At-Taqwa took on the great challenge of trekking their way to the summit of Mount Snowdon – The highest mountain in Wales.

The team of over 50 young climbers, accompanied by adults, departed Leicester in the early hours of the morning in high spirits. They embarked upon the arduous trek via the famous Llanberis Path, the longest route to the top. By late afternoon, the team successfully reached the summit to enjoy the breathtaking views and a well deserved break.

The main purpose of the trip was for the younger ones of the community (aged 8-17) to have a fun adventurous day out and to enjoy healthy exercise in the natural mountainous region of Snowdonia. The wider purpose was to build their confidence as individuals and strengthen their bonds as a team.

The day trip to Snowdonia was a great success for all involved. Masjid At-Taqwa hopes to organise more such excursions in the future in an effort to teach and remind the children of Allah’s splendor in His creation.

These are comments from some of our Madrassah children:

I enjoyed walking up the mountain because it was a challenge. 
I loved getting to the peak and watching all the views in amazement. It felt like an achievement as we held the banner. 
From this trip I have learnt about working together, team work and helping each other. 
I learnt that if you are patient you can achieve what you want. 
I learnt that if I put my mind to something I can achieve it-also never to give up and always be determined. 
I enjoyed climbing the mountain and getting to the top because I knew everyone would be proud of me. 
I learnt to never give up and always strive for the best. 
I didn’t like it when we were leaving because I was having so much fun! 
Alhumdulillah I enjoyed everything – It was difficult coming down but I still enjoyed it. 
I loved reaching the top and holding the banner because it felt like I’d achieved something-It was phenomenal and spectacular – Allah has made beautiful creations.

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