Sheikh Abubakar As-Shatri Leads Maghrib Prayer

In mid April, world renowned recitor Shaikh Abubakr Shatri visited Masjid At-Taqwa as part of his brief UK tour. His presence attracted a huge crowd filling the main hall of the Masjid and the rear halls accommodating the sisters.

The huge congregation was spiritually lifted as Shaikh Abubakr lead the evening Maghrib (dusk) prayer reciting all of surah An-Naba (The Great News) from the 30th Part of the Quran. The beautiful recitation truly stirred the hearts of the worshippers who were all to familiar with the voice but were now listening to the recitation live in prayer.

After the prayer, he ended the evening with a brief yet very beneficial set of reminders. He covered the importance and benefits of visiting the Masjid seeking the Guidance and Blessings of God. He explained the values of standing before the Creator in prayer. He also described the attributes of the believers and how they should maintain their relationship with their Merciful Lord.

After the short lecture he took some questions from the audience including advice on how to support children to memorise the Quran and how to tackle difficult situations in life.

He concluded the evening with a beautiful recitation of Surah Qaaf from the 26th part of the Quran.

To listen to his brief reminder or the recitations of Surah Naba/Qaaf click here

The event was organised by Masjid At-Taqwa in conjunction with At-Tayyibun institute, an Islamic organisation based in East London focusing on Islamic Education. For more information please visit

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