Children’s Presentation Day

The presentation day, held on Monday 31st December, marked the end of the ‘Islamic studies’ year and celebrated the achievements of the children and youth. Parents, families and friends were welcomed to watch the annual performance.

 The performance called ‘Our vision, The Future’ involved many children of all ages, who attend the Masjid. The overwhelmed audience were taken on a journey into the future-a world of incredible flying cars and amazing ‘Techno’ hijaabs to explain the ‘Vision.’

It was a wonderful opportunity for our children to show their many talents through; Quran recitation, news sketches, adverts, poems and nasheeds. It also provided a creative means to develop their confidence, strengthen their sense of community and attachment to to the Masjid both now and in the future years, InshaAllah.

The event concluded with an exciting award cermony acknowledged by the the head of the Madrassah. Children were awarded prizes for outstanding achievements in Islamic knowledge, excellent Akhlaaq and determination in Hifdh.

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