Charity Collection For UK Charity HHUGS

On Friday 21st December, Masjid At-Taqwa held an appeal after the Friday sermon for the UK charity Hhugs (Helping Households Under Great Stress) and successfully raised £950.

The appeal was for the support of families who are experiencing a difficult ordeal as a direct result of the controversial terrorism act which has seen over 1900 Muslims arrested since 11th September 2001. To date only a few have actually been arrested on terrorism charges.

Many families have lost their primary source of income and unfortunately they have also become isolated from their communities with no direct support. Consequently such families are struggling to make ends meet.

Hhugs is also reaching out to the Leicester community requesting the help of anyone who can volunteer their time to support any urgent work.

For those interested in forwarding their names as a volunteer, please write to

HHUGS is a UK charity registered in 2004 providing practical support and advice to households devastated by the arrest of a family member under UK anti-terror legislation.

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