Fiqh Course By Sheikh Sajid Umar And First Live Broadcast

On Sunday 2nd September Masjid At-Taqwa held a course on the Introduction to Fiqh taught by Sh Sajid Ahmed Umar. The event was well attended by both brothers and sisters. The course was also broadcast live and audiences from as many as 19 countries tuned in to benefit.
The subject of Fiqh is largely misunderstood today and sometimes the cause of unecessary debate and disunity amongst Muslims. The purpose of the course was to broaden the minds and build tolerance amongst Muslims of different backgrounds. 

The course provided an insight into the meaning of Fiqh and how the application of Islamic rulings evolved over time across the first three generations of Muslims. The course also introduced the 4 main ‘schools of thought’ (Madhab) and the great Imams that began them. Some of the underlying differences between the Madhabs were explained to help understand why difference of opinion existed and still exists today.

The course ran for approximately 4 hours with breaks on hourly intervals for prayer and refreshments. Due to the complexity of the topic and the limited time, many aspects of the subject matter were not covered. As such the course instructor, sh Sajid, conlcuded that he would resume a part 2 of the course on his next visit to Masjid At-Taqwa insha’Allah.

Sh Sajid is a speacilist in Fiqh studies having completed a Bachelors degree in Sharia’ah from Imam Saud University in Riyadh KSA. He is currently pursuing his Masters, specialising in Comparative Islamic Law in the Higher Institute for Judiciary Studies from the same university.

Masjid At-Taqwa hopes to provide more inspirational courses and lectures in the future in an effort to support community cohesion.

The entire course is accessible now from the Masjid media library. To access the course please click here

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