Record Number Attend Eid Prayer

On the festive occasion of Eid day Masjid At-Taqwa held the Eid prayer and Sermon in the Masjid warehouse in what was an anticipated move to accommodate the huge turnout.

In the days preceding Eid many volunteers assisted in the preparatory work to have the warehouse ready for the big occasion. The whole hall was washed down and swept before the entire floor was covered with rolls of plastic sheeting and carpet (provided courtesy of Navsa carpets).

The Warehouse had been designated exclusively for men while the entire Masjid complex on the old premises was designated for the women with children spread across both locations.

The actual turnout surpassed all expectations as the warehouse reached near max capacity. It was the first time the warehouse was used for prayer and may have been the answer to the invocation made by the Imam of Masjid Al-Aqsa who visited the warehouse a year earlier and prayed for the warehouse to become a place of prostration.

The Eid Sermon and prayer was delivered by Sh Hacene in what was his last appearance for Masjid At-Taqwa before heading back to his home of residence in Canada.

Sh Hacene emphasised the importance of making Eid a special occasion especially for children. He also spoke about the importance of continuing obligatory prayers in the Masjid after Ramadaan.

Almost a thousand cakes were pre-ordered to serve as refreshments to all who attended as well as many assorted chocolates, savoury snacks and drinks. Children also enjoyed the fun of jumping on bouncing castles and opening their delightful goody bags filled with little toys and sweets.

It was a truly joyous occasion for all who attended generating a warm atmosphere of unity and brotherhood.

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