Sheikh Sajid Umar Makes Surprise Visit On Night Of Khatamul Quran

On the 29th of Ramadaan Masjid At-Taqwa witnessed a maximum capacity attendance for the evening Taraaweeh prayer. It was the night the Quran recitation was completed and was proceeded by a special congregational invocation.

It was indeed a very emotional end to what many have described as a spiritually uplifting month of beautiful recitation by Sh Sami.

Mid way through the Taraaweeh prayer Sh Sami stood to give a short reminder in Arabic and to the pleasant surprise of many, Sh Sajid Umar (graduate from Jamiatul Imam, KSA) was in the congregation to provide the translation. Sh Sami gave a reminder about continuing good deeds after the blessed month of Ramadaan and encouraged the importance of supporting the Masjid.

Sh Sajid Umar Who had earlier in the day arrived from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia made a welcoming stopover in Leicester for Taraaweeh as he was travelling up North to visit family. After the completion of the prayer Sh Sajid provided a short talk on the importance of Tawheed (Monetheistic worship of Allah) and how it was the fundamental message of all Prophets. He also talked about the purity of the heart and how one should ensure to attach the heart to the Hereafter and not the worldly life.

You may listen to the emotional invocation and Sh Sajid’s short speech by accessing the Masjid At-Taqwa media library or click here.

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