Sister’s Charity Bake Sale

On Sunday 15th July, Masjid At-Taqwa held a cake fair for the women and children of the local community. The purpose of the well organised charity event was to promote community harmony through an atmosphere of fun and food.

Many young children with the help of their parents spent their mornings and the evening prior to prepare and cook their prize cakes for the highly anticipated event. Many wonderful cakes of different colours and sizes were presesnted on offer for others to purchase and indulge in. Savoury dishes such as pizza and pasta were also on sale to balance the sweetness of all the delicious cakes that were consumed.

The well attended event was a great fun day for all who participated. The organisers were pleased to raise a total of £500 through the cake fair sales. The proceeds will be used for the costs of the upcoming Ramadaan club. (The Ramadaan Club is is a children’s programme packed with games and productive activities scheduled to run throughout the month of Ramadaan insha’Allah. The scheme is aimed to utilise the free time of the children during their school holidays in a fun and constructive manner teaching them some of the important values of Ramadhan).

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