Ramadan Club

Over the last few years the month of Ramadan has coincided with the the school Summer holidays.  The volunteers of the Youth team saw this as an opportunity for the children and in 2011 they launched the Ramadaan Club. 
The club was an initiative to direct the free time of many school children from television and consoles to a more productive alternative. The idea was to engage the younger members of the community in a fun manner to learn about the wonderful blessings and virtues of the month of Ramadaan. 
Many wonderful activities were arranged throughout the whole month including sessions on cookery, art and crafts. Children were also taught to memorise specific verses of the Holy Quran in the Arabic language as well as learning their meanings and virtues.
Ramadaan Club 2012 had a total of 75 participants divided into age groups ranging from the ages 7 to 14.
Please take a moment to watch the Ramadan Club 2012 presentation which displays the wonderful work of the children.
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