Workshop On Preventing Radicalisation

On Friday 8th June 2012 members of the Masjid committee visited Spinney Hill Park Police Station to attend a workshop on radicalisation in all it’s forms and the required measures to address them.

The workshop was prepared and conducted by  Community Engagment Officer Asif Mohammed who took the initiative to invite members of the Masjid committee.

The purpose of the workshop was to emphasise the reality of how an exceptionally few may be influenced and misguided by some of the distorted views presented via the media streams. The team worked through a couple of case studies based on real events showing how vulnerable individuals can take a radicalised approach to practising their faith.

Masjid At-Taqwa recognises the important role it plays to educate the true values of Islam and to present an open channel to the community for questions and queries on all issues.

Masjid At-Taqwa is grateful to the Community Engagement Team of Spinney Hill Police Station for taking the time to prepare and and conduct this workshop and for the manner in which they have addressed this sensitive topic.

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